15th Outreach Feeding Program 2018

Hands of Mercy 15th Outreach Feeding Program 2018

There is no denying that December 23 is etched, flagged, highlighted, and looked forward to by our beloved recipients, the destitute, unemployed, differently-abled citizens of Cebu. On that day, every year since 2003, we have assembled the “Special People” in jeepneys and buses that scour the streets from north to south of the city and the province to offer them a glimpse of the true meaning of Christmas.

No, life isn’t fair, particularly for this helpless and marginalized sector whose homes are makeshift tarpaulin tents vulnerable to the elements, whose beds are filthy cardboard squares on rough pavement, whose meals are scavenged from maggot-filled garbage bags dumped unceremoniously on street corners! And yet, despite the certainty of a dire, desperate rest-of-the-year, they bless us—and you—with smiles and tears of gratitude upon receiving the bundles of joy that all of you have so generously filled.

To our loyal Good Samaritans these past 15years and to our more recent benefactors, you know who you are and where you belong in God’s eyes and heart, THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for keeping this humble tradition alive in our Cebu Community, allowing society’s least, lost and last, to enjoy a full meal in anticipation of a “Noche Buena” that is celebrated in such a meaningful and tangible way.

THANK YOU THANK YOU ALL for extending the tradition to this coming December 23, 2019.
YOU make our Lord JESUS come alive in the Special People’s hearts and their bleak lives, sharing and giving of yourselves and your love every month, every year, every Christmas!!!