2015 12th Outreach Cebu Feeding Program

In commemoration of our 12th Outreach Feeding Program on December 23, 2015 at the National Science High School gymnasium, HANDS OF MERCY would like to extend our sincerest gratitude for giving JESUS CHRIST your most blessed gift to HIM in sharing your blessings of love to HIS most loved “Special People” from the North and South of the city and province of Cebu.

The outreach program for this year’s beneficiaries is a testament to the generosity and empathy of our benevolent sponsors as they have been the conduits of HIS grace by bearing witness to this Biblical verse through their timely provision a day before Christmas:

“Instead, when you give a banquet, invite the poor, the handicapped, the lame, and the blind. Then you will be blessed because they don’t have any way to pay you back. You will be paid back when those who have God’s approval come back to life.”
Mrs. Annie O. Aboitiz
Atty. Ramil Abing
Vice Mayor Atty. Edgardo Labella
Mr. Boler Binamira
Miss Arlene Winkley & family
Mr. Gilbert Leena
Vice Mayor Rosie Binghay & family
Mr. Alfie Binghay
Miss Marsha M. Valmeo
Mr. Jay Alexander Ruiz & family
Mr. & Mrs. Jun Garces & family
Mr. & Mrs. Bing Monahans
Mrs. Melanie Seblante & family
Mrs. Darlene Montejo & family
Mrs. Marivic Maglinte & family
Mrs. Adelie Villa & Family
Board Member Miller Serondo & family
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Gabbard
Mayor Jun Diamante
Governor Hilario Davide 111
Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Yeung & family – MSY Holdings Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Polman = UNILEVER International/ Kilimanjaro Blind Trust
Mrs. Ched Albano & family
Mr. Chito Macapagal – UNILEVER
Mr. & Mrs. Charry Sy – SPEED Detergent Soap
Mr. Julius Elmedo – Mios Restobar
Dr. Josephina Poblete & family
Dr. Suga S. Yuvienco & family
Mrs. Angie Racaza
Mrs. Nilda Martinez & Family
Mr. Romy Ronquillo & family
Mrs. Charing Alfaro & family
Mrs. Tina Ebrada & family
Mrs. Marilou Bascon & family
Mr. Tim Hannam
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Abbu & family
Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Tecling
Mr. & Mrs. Max Fulache & family
Mrs. Malou Calvo & family
Lolas Bakeshop
Mr. & Mrs. Alex Yu & family
Mr. Simon Hoyle
Mrs. Mia Carmella M. Cuenco & family
Mr. Anthony Ballreich & family
Mr. Bryan Cuenco & family
Mrs. Aurora Yap & family
Mrs. Susan Matura & family
Mr. ReyPaul Baylosis & Kim
Mr. & Mrs. David Teng & family – Cebu Titan Surplus
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Flordelis – Csk Surplus
Miss Ligaya Bataclan
Mrs. Joan Castillo & family
Mrs. Natividad “Nene” Treveno & family
Mr. & Mrs. Gerry YangYang
Honorable Alvin Garcia
Honorable Nancy Cuenco & family
Honorable Ramon B. Magsaysay Jr & family
Mrs. Rosebud Sala & family
Mrs. Angela F. Paulin & family
Mrs. Julie Gandionco & Family – Julies Bakeshop
Mrs. Felisa Chiongbian & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Yap & Family
Miss Beatrice Borja & Family
Mr. & Mrs. Julius Neri & family
Mrs. Lani Lim
Dr. Albert Santos
Dr. Maureen M. Santos
Mr. & Mrs. Caloy Santos & family
Mrs. Marissa Unchuan & family
Dr. Earl Alfon & family
Dr. Sharon A. Lacson
Dr. Manuel T. Chua Chaico Jr.
Dr. Willy Ganas & family
Mrs. Ivy Simon & family
Mr. & Mrs. Eduardo Gullas & family
Mr. & Mrs. Mosing Selma
Mrs. Baby Ang
Mrs. Norma Uyshiosing
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Dino & family
Mr. & Mrs. Jupeter “Peting” Roble & family
Mr. & Mrs. Marlon Auza & family
Mrs. Rica K. Deen & family
Mrs. Vanessa D. Araneta & family
Mr. Marco Vazzoler – Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa
Mr. Ernesto Tejam – Shangri-La Mactan Resort & Spa
Mr. & Mrs. Winglip Chang & family
Mr. Paul Poleman – Kilimanjaro Blind Trust
Dr. Albert Gomez & family
Miss Chanda Romero & family
Mrs. Elena Sy Chua
Cathay Pacific – Cebu Cabin Crew
Mrs. Xandra Tiu & family
Mr. Timmy Abellana & family
Mr. & Mrs. Ricardo Tuanson & family
Mr. Dino D. Sybico
Mr. Patrick Sucalit & family
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn De Las Penas
Fr. Raul Ragay
Fr. Luigi Kent Martinez
Fr. William Cordero
Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam Donors
Councilor Mary Ann De Los Santos & family
Cebu City National Science High School Teachers- Students- Staff- Parents
Mrs. Marites V. Patiño & family
Miss Michelle Castro
Mrs. Malou Solis & family
GSM Cebu Finance Investors Inc.
Mrs. Tonette U. Fritzsche & family
Miss Mimi Dakay & family
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Despi & family
Miss Tina Ferreros & family
Mrs. Grace F. Borromeo & family
Mr. Jun Ferreros & family
Mr. Gerry Ferreros – Markenburg International Foods Corp.
Mr. Joel Ferreros & family
Rotary Club of Cebu North
Big Hoop Charities Inc.
Friends of WADAH Philippines
WADDAH Foundation
Mrs. Amparito Lhuillier & family
Miss Carmen Del Rosario & family
Miss Annabel Yu
USJR Batch 78 Manga Apo ni Jose
Mr. Steve Cohan & family
Mr. & Mrs. Danilo Sinadjan
Marie Ernestine School Administration – teachers- parents-students family & friends

Our endless gratitude to our dearest benefactors who have gone home to the next life……….

+ Mrs Christina Dino
+ Mrs. Zeny. Deen
+ Mrs. Gloria Escano
+ Mrs. Lisa P. Abear
+ Mrs. Etha Yap
+ Mrs. Jo Magsaysay
+ Mrs. Celina Moras
+ Mrs. Ada Martinez
+ Mr. Ralph Ferreros

We do hope and pray that in the coming years you will persevere in your faith and corporal works of mercy by sharing a piece of your bountiful Christmas “Noche Buena” to those who barely cant afford to have a decent full meal in a days time!. May our good awesome LORD GOD JESUS CHRIST continue to bless each and every one of you and your loved ones with continued good health, in mind body and spirit and a blessed prosperous New Year to all of you! To all our kind heated Samaritans THANK YOU again from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to serve and feed our less marginalized sector and to pass on the chain of kindness for your unwavering social responsibility of paying it forward to become a blessing to others…………
May GOD bless you all!